Nicholas Hall-Risko

Manager, Senior Investment Analyst, Geller Advisors

Nicholas serves as an Investment Manager and a member of the Investment Committee at Geller Advisors LLC. Nicholas is an experienced senior cross-asset analyst focusing investment research, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and macro research. He has expertise in public markets, private markets, and alternative assets.

Prior to joining Geller in 2018, Nicholas was an Investment Analyst at a Goldman Sachs subsidiary, Rocaton Investment Advisors, which consults on approximately $600 billion in assets. He worked with institutional clients providing them with best-in-class manager selection, asset allocation, monthly and quarterly portfolio analysis, and a variety of other comprehensive investment management services. Prior to Goldman, he held positions at TIG Advisors, DLG Wealth Management, InvestUK, and Simple Alternatives.

Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Arts from Union College and a Master of Arts from Columbia University. Nicholas also acts as a Class Agent for the King Low Heywood Thomas School and maintains a Series 3 license.