Allen Injijian

Managing Director, Head of Wealth Strategy & Planning

Allen serves as the Head of Wealth Strategy at Geller. He has more than a decade of experience providing strategic planning advice on matters related to income taxes, wealth transfer techniques, executive compensation, pre-transaction planning, philanthropic and non-profit organizations, family office considerations, estate disposition, trust administration, and investment management. Allen is also responsible for utilizing financial forecasting tools to demonstrate the impact of various planning concepts and strategies, including portfolio construction, retirement timing, asset concentrations, business transactions, charitable giving, choice of domicile, and estate tax minimization. 

Previous to Geller, Allen was an Executive Director and Wealth Strategist at JPMorgan for seven years. During his time at JPMorgan, he was responsible for the Wealth Strategy practice in the Midwestern region of U.S. markets and a select group of international offices. Allen is also an adjunct faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis, where he occasionally teaches courses on taxation and financial topics. He has been published in Investment News, Crain Currency, and Family Business Magazine.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California, Allen received his Juris Doctor and Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation from Washington University in St. Louis.