Personal CFO Services

Our team of personal accounting professionals help to unburden you from the time-consuming task of managing your complex financial life. From core bill pay and financial reporting services, to more complex property and philanthropic management, our experts oversee your entire balance sheet through a high-touch delivery model designed to anticipate your financial needs and swiftly adapt to life changes, resulting in better financial decisions and more time for you and your family.

Personal Accounting

  • Bill pay and accounting
  • HR/payroll management
  • Financial statements, reporting, and insights
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Holistic Financial Management

  • Property management
  • Personal/Passion asset management
  • Loan and insurance management
  • Philanthropic management
  • Concierge financial management

Your Trusted Partner in Total Expense Management

Using their unique insight into your recurring expenses, our professionals help you plan for upcoming and unforeseen needs, as well as provide reliable support in the moments when ensuring the best outcome matters.

Meet Our Head of Personal CFO Services

Our Head of Personal CFO Services Mona Manahi has over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, specializing in family strategies, financial planning, and risk management. In her role, Mona focuses on delivering our firm’s broad capital management offerings. These include accounting and reporting, cash and expense management, and budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, she partners closely with our team leads and any family employees to ensure quality control, as well as consistent delivery and service to clients.