Aviation Services

Private aviation provides flexibility and convenience, and can suit unique needs such as transporting materials, additional security, or having in-air office space. Proper management insures a comprehensive and customized aviation strategy. Services Offering Financial Oversight and Reporting Provide accounting, tax, budgeting and financial reporting services Analyze your aircraft usage and expenses to identify potential cost[…]

Real Estate Services

We understand and appreciate that properties are a visible reflection of the values and personal tastes of an owner, and work with our clients to ensure their vision for a property or project is fulfilled. Real estate is a capital intensive asset class that must be maintained and managed properly to maximize enjoyment and value[…]

Strategic Financial Planning

By taking the time to understand the intricacies of our clients’ financial profile, we can help streamline countless tasks and mitigate potential risks associated with managing personal and corporate finances while helping plan for the future. Our integrated approach seeks to align investment, tax, philanthropic and wealth transfer needs and allows us to plan and[…]

Tax Advisory Services

We work directly with our clients to develop custom tax planning strategies that align with specific personal, corporate and philanthropic goals. Our experienced team provides comprehensive tax services, as well as advice on compliance and structural considerations that prepare individuals and organizations for current and future requirements. Geller & Company Insights The ups and downs[…]

CFO Services

We understand that managing personal or corporate finances almost always involves myriad complexities. We address these complexities with a comprehensive suite of best-in-class financial services and technological solutions to assist in streamlining the various tasks associated with managing your wealth or organization. Geller & Company Insights Wealth Advisor Susan W. Sofronas discusses when it’s time[…]

Investment Management

Our goal is to build carefully constructed portfolios that offer diversification and improved risk-adjusted returns with cost efficiency. Our experienced team tailors investment solutions to a range of clients including individuals, families, foundations, and endowments. By taking the time to understand the intricacies of our clients’ financial profile, we can help streamline countless tasks and[…]