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March 20, 2017

Patti Roskill, Partner

Patti is a Partner of Geller & Company and is primarily responsible for oversight of our largest account, a multi-billion dollar corporation with operations in over 80 countries. She has over thirty years of experience and focuses on corporate finance, including accounting, financial planning, analytics and reporting, treasury, compensation and tax services of our corporate clients.

After leaving Drexel Burnham Lambert in early 1988, Patti joined Geller & Company and began working on raising capital, establishing annual operating and capital budgets and management reporting.

Patti’s significant accomplishments in the past few years include restructuring of legal entities to include our current largest client and other various subsidiaries, raising significant capital. Additionally, she has introduced, implemented and managed significant business processes that have enhanced efficiencies across the organization, including annual business planning, management reporting, SAP Order to Cash and various expense initiatives.