March 20, 2017

Diane Gubelli, Partner

Diane is a Partner of Geller & Company and co-heads the Family Office practice. She is also primarily responsible for oversight of the largest client in that group which consists of multiple entities in the philanthropy and investment areas. Diane has over thirty years of experience working with the personal financial needs of high net worth individuals, including CFO services, tax compliance and all aspects of financial planning.

She assists clients with their complex personal lives and finding solutions to their unique challenges. She also assists clients in developing and maintaining their private foundations, including developing mission statements, books and records, and grant requests.

Diane has been a part of Geller & Company’s tax, financial planning, cash management and Family Office practice since 1988. From 1994 to 1998, Ms. Gubelli also helped develop and grow the Geller Investment Partnership Service division, which provide tax, accounting and administrative services for private equity funds.

Throughout her tenure, Diane has spearheaded CFO advisory services across the Family Office practice. As their personal CFO, Diane also functions in other capacities for clients across the practice, including construction, property and project management, financial oversight, review and analysis of contracts and protection and review of clients’ intellectual property.